Why a Jewish gap year?

JAcademy was created in response to the demands of young people involved with JCommunity, who were looking for a meaningful and professionally beneficial Gap Year experience. Thanks to our our sponsors and partners, we built a complete program aimed at furthering professional and personal development.

Why are you offering this program?

We are university graduates who experienced first-hand the gap between what we learned in our studies, and the far larger skill-set needed to succeed in the real world. Sometimes a simple idea, the right connection at the right time, or a bit of practical experience can save you months of unnecessary work.

We also want to see more Jewish professionals become successful and fulfilled – people who can help make the world a better place.

Where do students intern?

JAcademy students intern at a wide range of companies, depending on each student’s goals and interests. For instance, students have interned at accounting firms (e.g., Price Waterhouse Coopers), Asset Management companies (e.g., Rockspring and Kintyre), law firms (e.g., DLA Piper and FPS), Start-ups (e.g., Market Analytics and Buying Show), and newspapers (such as, Jüdische Allgemeine and Berliner Zeitung).

The program has so much within it. How can we do all of that in just 11 months?

You’re right. It is a lot of material to cover. But every part of the program is strategically positioned so that students can learn, absorb and apply the information and skills that we present. The more the student invests in the program’s engagements, the more he/she gains.

The program has a Jewish learning track. Does that mean I have to be traditional or religious in order to participate?

No, this program is open to Jewish students of all backgrounds and interests, regardless of religious beliefs and/or levels of observance.

If I apply, will I be accepted?

Because space in the program is quite limited, successful applicants will be invited for a personal interview in Berlin, before a final admissions decision is reached. Once a student submits a full application, she/he will receive a response from us – either letting the student know that the application was not selected, or inviting her/him for an interview.


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