Program Components

Professional Development

In today’s tough economic environment, finishing a university degree is no longer enough to land a successful job. Employers, investors, and clients want to see life skills, experience, and practical know-how before they hire a young university graduate.

Additionally, research has shown that one's IQ accounts for 20% of all the factors that determine one's career success. Soft-skills, emotional intelligence, self-confidence, social competence, constructive conflict management, great networking, and much more are all necessary to score high in the twin games of career and life.

J Academy has created a program that offers a welcome break from ordinary studies and the pressures of solely academic achievement - a chance to get better acquainted with oneself and the world. At the same time, students will effectively learn life skills that will be truly relevant and vital to career success in the coming, all-important years ahead.

Jewish Learning

Learn more about the traditions of the Jewish people, the relevance of the multi-faceted Jewish heritage in today’s world, and the importance of Israel. Gap Year Program courses include topics such as Jewish Personalities, Ethics, and Modernity.

Who are you? Not what you do, or where you live. Are you Jewish? What does that mean to you? The Jewish people have a long-standing chain of generations who made great efforts and personal investments to gain education, and cultural and traditional literacy in all forms, viewing it as a sacred duty. Your role in the world is unique. Learn more about your chapter in the unfinished story of human history.


Business English is taught throughout the year and serves as a critical component to the work internship units in London and around the world. Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a certificate of language proficiency -- which enhances their resumes and further differentiates the students in a competitive job market. Additionally, a year-long Hebrew language course strengthens each student's international framework of language skills and understanding.


It’s nothing new. Nearly all entry-level jobs require previous work experience -- as a pre-requisite -- so competition for internships is often fierce.

The expectations for such internships are often similar to those of entry-level jobs. One needs to have know-how, the ability to work well with a team, and have a good, well-established professional network.

Many aspiring professionals become frustrated: If one needs to have already had a good internship -- just to get an internship, how is one supposed to get his/her foot in the door at the workplace? And how can one acquire the necessary skills?

By participating in JAcademy, students acquire practical work experience, skills, and indispensable professional contacts. We guarantee program participants a spot in three international internships.