It's time for you to take a GAP Year
The Berlin-based 10-month professional and personal development program for young Jewish adults.
You're a motivated and ambitious high school graduate or university student who is:
Thinking about which career to pursue.

Searching for inspiration before continuing your studies.

Interested in having enriching abroad experience?
Career development
  • Intern at 2 high profile companies in Berlin and London

  • Increase your hireability with a Business English certification

  • Boost your business skills with practical courses

  • Enlarge your network by meeting successful CEOs and managers

Personal Growth
  • Improve your relationships with soft skill courses

  • Travel to multiple countries for unforgettable experiences

  • Discover yourself through one-on-one coaching
  • Create lasting friendships in a small group
  • Connect to your roots through Jewish literacy and philosophy

  • Learn how to implement Jewish values and mindfulness into your life

  • Attend Jewish social events and expand your Jewish network

  • Visit different communities and experience authentic, Jewish life

Choose with confidence
Making big decisions is tough. Our stimulating and varied program helps you discover your goals, strength, and interests so you make the right decisions, confidently.
Jumpstart your career with two internships chosen from a wide array of industries.
Increase your Jewish knowledge and learn about the relevance of Judaism to your everyday life.

Jewish Philosophy Studies
Become independent and open to new, exciting, or terrifying challenges that you would never have encountered in your home country.
Enriching abroad experience
Master all the soft skills you need for healthy relationships and personal satisfaction.

Personal Improvement
2 Internships
This year, it's all about you
Life is full of surprises; circumstances change, needs arise, and responsibilities form. Don't miss your one chance at an unforgettable year full of:
Professional Development

Unique experience

through Jewish learning
Discover who you are and who you can become
Our packed 10-month GAP-year program will excite you, challenge you, and set you on the road to success.
How it works?
Semester I
Get to know your new friends, apartment, and city while diving right into courses.
14 Days in NY
Get up close and personal with exceptionally successful business and political leaders while you enjoy the best the Capital of the World has to offer.
Berlin Internship
Put your skills to work at a 12 week internship in one of Berlin's startups or established companies.

Semester II
Increase your knowledge and continue improving your skills with classes and workshops.
London Internship
Get career clarity and experience during an intense 4 week internship at one of London's impressive firms.
14 Days in Israel
Tour historic sites and meet notable business and political leaders while you enjoy the Holy Land's many attractions.

Semester III
End the year with introspective workshops to help you apply what you've learned and confidently make decisions about your future.

Experience new and memorable trips, classes, and events added each year.
Scholarship up to 90%
Every student has a chance to apply

We work with every student to create a payment structure that works for them. Full year, all-inclusive price: 14,000€ (Price does not cover medical insurance and local transportation costs).

Financial aid for qualifying students: Up to 10,000€ — request an application for details.
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Invest now, get dividends for years to come
Since we offer a comprehensive, yet personalized program, our space is limited.
Follow our easy admissions process to get started:
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Let the adventure begin!
Ambassadors of Change
We understand that when Jewish young adults increase their knowledge, live a value-based life, and reach professional success they achieve personal satisfaction and build strong families and communities.
So in 2014, we created a program for aspiring Jewish professionals looking to bring lasting, positive change to the world. In the last five years, 64 students have expanded their minds, challenged their beliefs, discovered their passions, and have gone on to diligently apply themselves to their education, workspace, and leadership roles.
Based in Berlin's hip Mitte neighborhood but using the world as their classroom, our students achieve personal success and contribute to a meaningful, Jewish future.
Meet Our Leaders
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and to make our clients happy
Rav Noam Miller
Director of Education
Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Rav Noam spent nine years studying in Yeshiva in Jerusalem where he received his rabbinical ordination. He uses his diverse passions and wide range of knowledge to bring various Jewish ideas and customs to life.
Rav Daniel Fabian
Executive Director of Lauder Yesherun
Born in Israel and raised in Germany, Rabbi Daniel Fabian holds a master's degree in Biology from University of Aachen and Humboldt University. Besides for founding and directing JAcademy, Rabbi Fabian is the executive director of Lauder Yeshurun, vice president of Kahal Adass Jisroel and a board member of the youth commision of the ZWST.
Ita Afanasev
Director of Jacademy
After moving to Germany from Kiev as a teenager, Ita studied law in the Goethe University Frankfurt and Jewish studies in Jerusalem.
She then moved to Berlin to initiate and coordinate Jewish educational projects.
Ita developed the JAcademy program in order to share with others what she continues to strive for - professional development, personal growth, inspiration, and Jewish values.
Elmira Tarivierdiieva
Project Manager
Elmira is originally from Odessa. She has lived and studied in 6 different countries. Holds a Master's degree in International Relations. Elmira is a Member of the World Jewish Congress' Jewish Diplomatic Corps. She uses her creative and diplomatic skills to organize and facilitate programming at JAcademy.
Jan Josef Laiter
Student Counselor
As a former JAcademy student, Jan is the perfect confidant for our students. Besides for studying Business Administration at the Humboldt University of Berlin, Jan enjoys organizing Shabbat programs and other student events.

Kalina Dobreva
Alumni Coordinator
Kalina was born in Bulgaria and has lived in several different countries. She holds a Master's degree in Organizational Behavior and Development. Kalina works as Alumni Coordinator for The Ronald S. Lauder Foundation and coordinates programs designed to bring value to the graduates of JAcademy.
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